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about me
cinematographer. filmmaker. 

René Gorski, born in 1979, stands as a luminary in the world of cinematography, bringing forth a wealth of experience and an artist's eye to each project. His journey commenced with a dedicated pursuit, culminating in training as an audio-visual media designer in 2004, setting the stage for an illustrious career. Since venturing into the realm of freelance cinematography in 2006, René Gorski has left an indelible mark, collaborating with esteemed names in the industry, including ARD, ZDF, arte, 3sat, ZDFneo, ZDF Kultur, RTL, and VOX. His contributions have graced the productions of prominent entities such as Studio.TV.Film, Producers at Work, United Visions, Storyhouse Media Group, Kobalt Productions, tvision, and Profashionel Films, showcasing his versatile talent across various platforms. What sets Gorski apart is not just his impressive roster of productions but his international footprint. His work has taken him across borders, immersing himself in diverse cultures and landscapes in countries like the USA, South Africa, South Korea, Canada, Iceland, Cuba, and Russia. This global exposure infuses his craft with a richness and depth that transcends boundaries, reflecting in the captivating visual stories he brings to life. His experience in these varied settings adds an extraordinary dimension to his work, evident in the depth and authenticity he captures on camera.








Golden State




Deutscher Fernsehpreis 2021

Beste Drama-Serie

Wir sind Jetzt

DC Independent Film Festival 2021

Julia muss sterben

Best Narrative Feature

Golden State Filmfestival L.A. 2021

Julia muss sterben

Best Foreign Feature Film

23rd San Francisco

Independent Film Festival 2021

Julia muss sterben

Winner Audience Award

Bayrischer Fernsehpreis 2020

Wir sind Jetzt

Beste Serie

Filmfest München 2019

Leif in Concert -Vol.2

Beste Produktion "Neues Deutsches Kino"


International Classica Music Awards

Richard Strauss and his Heroines - Winner 2016

The Museum of Modern Art

New York


LA Arthouse Film Festival

Das Erwachen des Herrn Schmidt - Honorable Mention

World Film Festival Montreal

Weltstadt - Silver Zenith


Achtung Berlin Festival

Weltstadt - Bester Spielfilm

Sao Paulo

International Film Festival



International Film Festival


 Film Festival "La Citadella del Corto"

Der Fasan - Bester internationaler Kurzfilm 2006

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